by odbcTechnical, August 21, 2017

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you all about our newest beer coming out this week, #Caychel.  And yes, you say that like ‘hashtag Caychel,’ but we will get to why that is in a minute.  Take a look at this adorable couple:

That would be my good friends Cayce and Rachel.  And she’s looking that happy because my boy finally popped the question!  I actually knew Rachel before I knew Cayce.  We were both in school at CU, and he was still in Detroit.  This guy was so sure that she was the right one, he moved out to Colorado and basically forced the issue on them being together.  And then Rachel and the rest of the girls all left for a month-long Euro trip.  So with a lack of females, and over many beers and Minecraft, Cayce and I became best friends.  Just like in Step Brothers.

Fast forward and now they are engaged, and we are all as happy as we can be for them!  But when you’re friends get married and you own a brewery, you don’t just let that go, you make a beer for their wedding!  And so we get #Caychel!  She’s an IPA fan, and he wanted a wheat beer, so it became clear that we were going to do a hoppy wheat.  They picked out El Dorado hops, which is perfect for a highly hopped wheat!  The way this turned out was just fantastic, the El Dorado really shines.

Which gets me to the name.  Every couple has their ‘Celebrity Couple Name,’ and Cayce and Rachel are no different.  It’s pretty obvious, their couple name is ‘Caychel.’  Now when you get married, you have to have your wedding hashtag.  So clearly, their wedding hashtag has to be #Caychel!  I believe this has been voted down, but they can’t stop me from naming a beer.  Let’s make it trend on twitter!

In all seriousness, this was one of my favorite beers to make.  It turned out to be phenomenal.  I don’t know too much about love, but that can only be a good sign!  Cheers to many, many wonderful years, and many more great beers together!  Congrats Cayce and Rachel!

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