Over The Moon

by Andy Riedel, April 1, 2016

The second beer that I want to introduce to everyone is the one we’ve worked on the longest.  It’s gone with many iterations and changes to get to the point we have it at now.  Over the Moon is our take on the Milk Stout!Cans Over the Moon

Over the Moon came about because we really enjoyed drinking Milk Stouts!  Simple as that!  Being one of the first beers I’ve ever really attempted to work on, it definitely took a long time trying to come to the right balance.  To me, Milk Stouts are all about being smooth.  For this beer, we wanted to maintain that smooth character while still being recognizable as a stout and sessionable.  One of the things that I love about this beer is how refreshing it is, while still feeling like a milk stout.

For our grains, I wanted to see if I could get a great Stout character without using “Roasted Barley.”  We start with a base of English Pale, and then use a combination of Chocolate, Pale Chocolate, and Crystal Malts to achieve our roasted and sweet character.  We also add a helping of oats, so I suppose we can technically call this a breakfast stout!  Of course we add lactose to help with the sweetness and then our little twist, vanilla!  I learned what vanilla can really do with some of my favorites in Dry Dock’s and Breckenridge’s Vanilla Porters.  There’s an incredible sweetness you can pull out of vanilla additions and the aroma goes so well with roasted grains.

For our hops, we keep things fairly simple and stick with a fairly traditional hop schedule for English style stouts.  We use some East Kent Goldings and Magnum hops.  The Magnum additions typically are used for bittering, but we add them later which adds a unique spiciness.  It seems to actually take on an almost cinnamon flavor!

The name Over The Moon has been our name for this since day one.  We developed the look of cans in a similar way, over many iterations and many years.  But basically, we wanted to answer the question as to how a cow could actually jump over the moon.  You can see our answer!


We hope that you enjoy Over The Moon, as much as we do.  From all of us at ODBC, we hope you love it!



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