Open Door Brew Co. believes beer is best shared with friends, so we brew beer we think you’ll want to share.  Making beer makes us happy, and we hope Open Door beer makes you happy too!

You can find Open Door Brew Co. beers in a growing number of locations!  While a tap room is in the works, check out our events to see where you can share a beer with us next!

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Meet Us

Billy McDivitt

Billy has always had a love for craft beer, but never the opportunity to be a part of it. That changed when he joined forces with his cousin, Andy to create Open Door. He enjoys great beer as much as playing Austrailian rules football, which goes great with beer.

Mike Badaracca

Mike was there from the first homebrew session as Andy's roommate in Boulder, Colorado. He loves tinkering with ideas and getting outdoors. Mike believes that beer, bocce ball, and buddies is one of the best combinations out there.

Andy Riedel

The idea for Open Door began with Andy back when he was homebrewing while at the University of Colorado, Boulder. When not coming up with the next ODBC beer, Andy is probably drinking one while cheering on the US National Soccer Team.


Libertas Pre Prohibition Ale


Pre Prohibition Cream Ale

ABV:4.8% IBU: 24

Available: Year-Round

Our flagship is an ode to the American Spirit. With Liberty hops and a dose of rye, this sessionable ale envokes spicy notes of the revolution, while the Columbus hops add a shot of citrus heard round the world. On a scale of one to freedom, we give it a 1776.

Over the Moon Milk Stout

Over the Moon

Milk Stout

ABV:5.6% IBU: 33

Available: Year-Round

Our Milky Way take on a stout really sends you out of this world. Careful use of chocolate malts create a roasted profile to perfectly assimilate with the milky creaminess. We reach for the stars with the addition of vanilla, making this Grade-A.

Short Arm IPA

Short Arm

Cretaceous IPA

ABV: 6.5% IBU: 65

Available: Year-Round, Coming Soon!

A beer 65 (million) IBUs in the making... Our Cretaceous IPA is everything a dino could ask for! Spice, pine, and citrus hit you like an epoch ending asteroid. A subtle rye character blends with with a hop punch, making this one for the history books.

Chai-L & Error Chai Milk Stout

ChaiL and Error

Chai Milk Stout

ABV:5.4% IBU: 33

Availability: Limited Run

Sometimes things go exactly as planned, sometimes they don't...this beer celebrates all those things that didn't go quite right with a chai-spiced version of our milk stout. Cheers to those happy little accidents!

Hopgave TequilAle



ABV: 7.5% IBU: 40

Available: Spring, Coming Soon!

A gift from the Goddess herself, our Spring seasonal offering. A healthy does of maize gives life to the tropical notes. The addition of agave, gives this a dry, and subtle tequila-like profile. One to make Two Rabbit jump for joy.

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